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Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance was a cultural moment that had everyone talking. But how much did she actually get paid for it? The answer may surprise you.

Financial Compensation

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Rihanna’s performance at the Super Bowl LVII halftime show was a highly anticipated event, and her financial compensation for the appearance has been a topic of much speculation. It is estimated that Rihanna received a base payment of $13 million for her performance.

This figure is in line with the payments given to previous Super Bowl halftime performers, such as Lady Gaga ($10 million in 2017) and Beyoncé ($25 million in 2013).

In addition to her base payment, Rihanna may have also earned bonuses or additional payments based on the performance’s success. For example, if the halftime show generated a significant increase in sales of her music or merchandise, she may have received a percentage of those profits.

However, the exact details of Rihanna’s financial compensation are confidential and have not been publicly disclosed.

It is worth noting that Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance was not without its financial risks. The production costs for the halftime show were reportedly in the millions of dollars, and Rihanna was responsible for covering these costs. However, the show’s success and the positive reception it received from critics and audiences suggest that Rihanna’s investment was well worth it.

Contract Details

How much did rihanna get paid for super bowl

Rihanna’s performance at the Super Bowl was a highly anticipated event, and her contract with the NFL was a major factor in making it a success.

The terms of Rihanna’s contract are confidential, but some details have been reported. She was reportedly paid $13 million for her performance, which is a significant increase from the $10 million that Justin Timberlake was paid in 2018.

Length of Performance

Rihanna’s performance lasted approximately 13 minutes, which is longer than the average halftime show. She performed a medley of her hits, including “Diamonds,” “We Found Love,” and “Umbrella.”

Special Requests

Rihanna reportedly made several special requests for her performance, including a custom-built stage and a specific lighting design. She also requested that her dancers be dressed in all white.

Legal Implications

Rihanna’s contract with the NFL is a legally binding agreement. If either party breaches the contract, they could be held liable for damages.

Sponsorship Deals

Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance was not just a musical spectacle but also a lucrative business opportunity. She partnered with several brands to enhance her earnings and promote her image. These partnerships ranged from fashion and beauty to technology and food.

The most notable sponsorship was with Apple Music, which became the official sponsor of the halftime show. The tech giant reportedly paid Rihanna a significant sum to use its platform for the show’s livestream and behind-the-scenes content. This partnership not only provided financial benefits but also boosted Apple Music’s visibility to a massive global audience.

Other Notable Sponsorships

  • Savage X Fenty: Rihanna’s lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty, played a prominent role in the halftime show, with models showcasing new collections on the field. This cross-promotion strategy benefited both Rihanna’s music and fashion ventures.
  • Pepsi: The beverage company PepsiCo has a long-standing relationship with the Super Bowl and extended its partnership to Rihanna’s halftime show. Pepsi aired exclusive commercials featuring Rihanna during the game and provided refreshments for the halftime crew.
  • Roc Nation: Rihanna’s own entertainment company, Roc Nation, also served as a sponsor, handling the production and creative aspects of the halftime show. This move allowed Rihanna to maintain creative control while generating additional revenue for her company.
  • Fenty Beauty: Rihanna’s cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty, was prominently featured during the halftime show, with makeup artists using its products to enhance Rihanna’s stage look. This exposure helped promote Fenty Beauty and drive sales.

These sponsorship deals played a significant role in boosting Rihanna’s overall earnings from the Super Bowl performance. The partnerships not only provided financial compensation but also created opportunities for cross-promotion, brand exposure, and business expansion.

Production Costs

How much did rihanna get paid for super bowl

The production costs associated with Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance were substantial, reflecting the grandeur and complexity of the event. These expenses played a significant role in determining her overall profit margin.

The stage design, lighting, and sound equipment were key components of the production, requiring meticulous planning and execution. Rihanna’s performance involved elaborate choreography and a team of dancers, further adding to the production costs.

Stage Design

The stage design for Rihanna’s performance was a central element, creating a visually captivating backdrop for her set. The stage featured multiple platforms, ramps, and projections, providing dynamic and versatile performance spaces.

Lighting and Sound

The lighting and sound systems were crucial for enhancing the atmosphere and ensuring the performance’s technical success. State-of-the-art lighting fixtures and a powerful sound system worked together to create an immersive experience for the audience.


Rihanna’s performance was accompanied by a team of highly skilled dancers, adding energy and visual interest to her set. The dancers’ intricate choreography and synchronized movements contributed to the overall impact of the show.

Economic Impact: How Much Did Rihanna Get Paid For Super Bowl

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Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance had a significant economic impact on the local economy, generating revenue from ticket sales, merchandise, and tourism.

The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched sporting events in the world, with an estimated audience of over 100 million viewers. This massive audience provides a unique opportunity for businesses to reach a large number of potential customers.

Ticket Sales

Ticket sales for the Super Bowl are typically very high, and Rihanna’s performance likely helped to drive up demand even further. The average ticket price for the 2023 Super Bowl was $8,000, and it is estimated that the game generated over $500 million in ticket revenue.

Merchandise Sales, How much did rihanna get paid for super bowl

Merchandise sales are another major source of revenue for the Super Bowl. Fans often purchase jerseys, hats, and other items to commemorate the event. Rihanna’s performance likely helped to boost merchandise sales, as fans were eager to purchase items featuring her likeness or related to her performance.


The Super Bowl also attracts a large number of tourists to the host city. These tourists spend money on hotels, restaurants, and other businesses, which helps to boost the local economy. It is estimated that the 2023 Super Bowl generated over $500 million in tourism revenue.

Long-Term Economic Benefits

In addition to the immediate economic impact, Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance could also have long-term economic benefits for the region. The Super Bowl is a global event, and it provides a unique opportunity for the host city to showcase itself to the world.

This can help to attract new businesses and investment to the area.